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Canon SmartLF Ci 40

This product is no longer available in Eurocom offer. For similar products, please contact us.

The SmartLF Ci 40 is a high speed, large format scanner designed for the CAD & GIS markets. This 40” user friendly, networkable solution features an optical resolution of 600dpi and recreates fine lines and detailed images with exceptional clarity.


  • Accurate Large Format Scanning – 600dpi resolution and CIS technology
  • Convenient – Face-up feed and exit document scanning for easy operation
  • Space saving – Compact and lightweight design
  • Scan/Copy/E-Mail Straight Away – SmartLF “ready to run” software included

More Information

The SmartLF Ci 40 allows you to scan and copy large format documents quickly with precision and detail without having to outsource your work. When combined with a Canon Large Format Printer, this is an ideal solution for the CAD and GIS markets, where speed and accuracy are paramount.

Accurate Document Scanning

In the CAD and GIS markets, precision and accuracy are crucial to the success of any project. The Smart LF Ci 40 uses CIS technology and has a 600dpi optical resolution to enable you to re-create fine lines and detailed images when scanning and copying documents, giving you precise reproductions of plans and maps.

Space Saving

Space is one of the most important assets in most offices. The Ci 40 has been designed with a compact and lightweight design, to be able to fit it into small spaces and when required, move with ease.

Easy to Use

Simple controls and an LCD display, as well as face-up feed and exit document scanning, make scanning and copying easy for all users.

Energy Efficient

The Ci 40 is Energy Star compliant, powering down when idle to guarantee it uses the minimum amount of power.

Network Ready

The gigabit ethernet connection means you can easily connect the Ci 40 to your business LAN and enable fast and efficient file transfers.

High Productivity

Speed is crucial in all businesses, especially when working towards deadlines. The Ci 40 ensures that scans and copies are completed quickly with the ability to scan up to 10” per second.

Start Scanning Straight Away

The Ci 40 has a plug and play set-up through USB2 and comes with SmartLF all in one scan and copy software to begin scanning and copying straight away.

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