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Contex IQ 44 MFP2GO

IQ large-format scanners offer you an outstanding collaborative workflow whether you work with in-house scanning activities or in project groups of global players. Using simple onetouch buttons you can scan directly over the network to your desk and continue working instantly. You get exceptional professional-grade quality with true 1200 dpi optical resolution and patented technologies that ensure accurate results the first time.


  • User friendly and intuitive touch screen solution
  • Preview, crop and adjust image settings
  • Scan-to-copy, -email, -network, -FTP and USB
  • SnapCrop: Easy image cropping (Contex patent)
  • Scan to USB and import images to standard tablet platforms like iPad etc.

Further Information

Whether you are in a private business or government, the Contex IQ 44 MFP2GO is designed for collaboration projects through occasional scanning or the creation of digital archives. The 44″ imaging area delivers clean, sharp image quality on technical documents, sketches, and maps.

Collaborate instantly with your project group

Contex MFP2GO is our easy plug-and-play solution for your large-format printer, when you need to scan, share and copy changes to plans and drawings. The solution connects easily to your printer, giving you a nice and small footprint, and fits your existing tools and business processes. Create custom single footprint MFP solutions in combination of a long list of supported printers.

You can copy and scan to email, FTP, network, or USB – directly from the simple touch-screen solution. You get outstanding image quality, with real-time view of enhancements and preset functionality for your daily scanning needs. The Contex MFP2GO bundle includes a scanner, MFP2GO controller, and a high stand. No additional PC or software needed. Fits most HP Designjet and Canon IPF large-format printers.

Scan To USB

Scan to USB in a way that simulates a camera. This allows images to be imported into standard tablets including iPad’s. Use USB to scan images and import them directly to iPad or other mobile devices.

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