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Océ 3050

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The Océ 3050 microfilm scanning solution is the quick, easy way to integrate your legacy aperture cards into today’s digital document workflow. Simplifying the whole digital scanning process, the Océ 3050 microfilm scanning device brings a high level of automation to microfilm scanning. Batches of up to 250 cards can be scanned automatically. After digital scanning, they can be stored in digital form or printed directly from the scanner, all with minimal operator intervention. That’s the time saving way to treasure your archive.

Highlights Océ 3050 microfilm scanner

  • Increase productivity
  • Batch processing and printer integration
  • From aperture cards to digital archive
  • Quality, flexibility and ease of use
  • Auto clean-up
  • Integrated Hollerith punch reader

More Information

Productive microfilm scanning with the Océ 3050

The Océ 3050 provides fast, easy, microfilm scanning and quality digital conversion. With batch processing, digital conversion and printer integration, digital scanning with the Océ 3050 aperture card scanner improves employee efficiency and productivity.

The Océ 3050 microfilm scanning device enables digitization of a few cards or many millions quickly and efficiently. The 250-card auto-feed input and batch processing enables employees to load cards and walk away.

Microfilm scanning with the Océ 3050 to convert legacy aperture cards into digitally stored images streamlines the access, retrieval, and management of technical documents. The Océ 3050 ensures aperture cards are efficiently scanned and converted to secure digital images.

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