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Océ JetStream Wide

30” web width for a maximum application variety

The Océ JetStream Wide series features two digital full color inkjet systems and three monochrome only inkjet systems for 30” web printing. The Océ JetStream 3300 and 4300 systems are the full color offering with speeds of 150 m/min and 200 m/min respectively. The Océ JetStream 2300 mono, 3300 mono and 4300 mono systems, are the black only inkjet printers with speeds of 100 m/min, 150 m/min and 200 m/min respectively. The Océ JetStream Wide series addresses a wide range of applications and brings more power to newspaper and book printing. Customers benefit from increased revenue opportunities for their full color inkjet production printers, and for optimized black only inkjet printing increasing profitability in short run book production.

Further Information

With a speed of up to 200 meters per minute and an actual print width of 29.5″, the Océ JetStream Wide supports the production of up to 4,040 A4 impressions per minute or up to 130 million A4 prints per month.

Newspaper Industry benefits from digital publishing

The newspaper industry revenue stream is under pressure as advertisers are turning to other channels, which deliver a higher ROI through a more targeted and personalized approach. Now, with high-speed digital technology and the width necessary to print newspapers in their original format, it is possible to apply the successful one-to-one target model of direct mail to the newspaper industry. This approach results in a more profitable customer response to targeted advertising. Additionally newspapers may further explore opportunities in short-run distributed print, niche publications or special editions, and micro-zone publishing.

More Productivity for digital book printing

Digital book printing has seen widespread growth as publishers and printers are transitioning from offset to digital production. With the new larger print width on the Océ JetStream Wide series, more books can be produced in less time and with less waste. The wider format supports digital printing of 12- and 16-page book signatures, further positioning digital production as a viable alternative to offset book printing.

Platform consistency and proven capabilities

The Océ JetStream Wide series with the 30” web is based on the common and field proven Océ DigiDot inkjet technology, and the Océ SRA MP (Massively Parallel) controller architecture. This supports a clear growth path and compatible workflow across all JetStream engines. Users also benefit from the reliability, print quality and media range associated with the JetStream family.

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