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Océ PlotWave 350 (36″)

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This product is no longer available in Eurocom offer. For similar products, please contact us.

Designed to meet the needs of technical professionals on the go. The Océ PlotWave 350 large format printer is the next wave in mobility, speed and reliability. For printing, copying and scanning technical documents. This fast plotter builds on the award-winning success of the Océ PlotWave 300 printer. Enhanced with over 50 new improvements.

Benefit from flexible large format printer

  • Print via your mobile phone or computer
  • Print 6 A1 or 6 D-size plots a minute
  • Avoid costly mistakes with new intuitive Océ Windows Print Driver
  • Cut printing delays with instant start-up
  • Uses half the energy of comparable wide format printers

More Information
Print from anywhere to your plotter
More printing options for busy professionals. Now you can discuss a change, connect to your cloud using your smart phone or computer and send a print request to your plotter via Océ MobilePlot for Ipad or Océ Mobile WebTools. Use a USB flash drive to print and scan documents at the system and capture changes and documents on site.

Print faster – up to 6 A1 or D-size plots a minute
Thanks to Océ Radiant Fusing technology, you can print up to 6 A1 or D-size plots a minute, with virtually no warm-up time. From cold click to print in hand – in just 40 seconds. Compared to a slow 4 minutes with conventional plotters, this easily saves you an hour a day in delays for CAD printing. It also uses half the energy of comparable large format printing systems.

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