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Océ VarioPrint 4120

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Enjoy the most productive multifunctional printer

Total productivity comes from a combination of reliability, throughput, ease-of-use, quality and applications. The Océ VarioPrint 4120 performs better in all these areas than all other multifunctional office printers in its class. It’s an outstanding digital photocopier, document scanner and multifunctional printer in one compact, productive package. Which makes it ideal for corporate printers and commercial environments.

Further Information

Count on a consistently efficient multifunctional production printer

  •      120 ppm, simplex and duplex
  •      Powerful PRISMAsync controller for consistently fast throughput
  •      Up to 15,400 sheets media input capacity in seven trays
  •      Integrated finisher for booklet making, stapling, stacking, punching and folding
  •      Océ Copy Press, Océ Image Logic and active paper registration for exceptional reliability and quality
  •      Optional PRISMA software to control total workflow
  •      Intuitive, one-button scanning, printing and copying

Benefit from better print production no matter your requirements

In whatever mode you’re using, with whatever media and finishing you require, the Océ VarioPrint 4120 delivers what you need. The multifunctional printer and digital photocopier produce to or from hard copy, digital or mixed formats. Lets you use tabbed, mixed stock, color inserts, and standard and custom sizes. And deliver documents stapled, punched, folded or made into booklets.

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