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Plustek OpticLab H850

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Have you ever wished there was an easier option to scanning a histology sample? Outside of using a microscope or digital camera, there is a quick alternative to scanning histological samples!

Key Features

  • Entry-Level Histology Slide Scanner
  • Typical scan times is under a minute
  • Holder accepts two 1”x3” slides
  • USB High Speed 2.0 connection

More Information

Plustek OpticLab H850 is an innovative Scanner capable of scanning an entire whole mounted histology sample without having to stitch it together. Simply attach samples as large as 36mm in diameter to the 1×3 inch cover slipped glass slide, and you get excellent returns with an image quality of 7200 dpi resolution.

The scanner features single button easy control and is surprisingly easy to set up and operate. Scanned images can then be instantly stored on a pc and shared through a network for use in a lab, classroom, or conference setting. Images can be saved in various file formats including TIFF, JPG, BMP, GIF, etc.

This amazing scanner is capable of scanning at 7200 dpi and has a scan area of 36.8 x 25.4mm (1.42 x 1.0 inches), resulting in usable images up to 10,080 x 6480 pixels. It is compatible with both Windows PC and Mac platform.

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