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Plustek OpticSlim 500+

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OpticSlim 500+ is a sleek and compact handheld scanning device that has been designed with user’s convenience in consideration. It is light in weight and extremely portable. It can be put to use easily as there is no power cord required – it draws power from the USB connection.

Key Features

  • Portable design/easy to carry
  • Ideal solution for managing & organizing ID cards and passports etc.
  • Multi-function software bundled
  • Five user-friendly buttons for ease-of-operation  (Copy, OCR, E-Mail, Custom, Scan). Documents can be saved or delivered to the designated folder at the touch of a button.
  • Sleek & handheld design – Small form-factor and slim design make it an ideal choice for mobile users and small office users who seek portability.
  • No power-cord required – Draws power from the USB connection and therefore no power-cord is required. It does not require any lamp warming when switched on.

More Information

The user interface is lucid and simple enough as well. Since OpticSlim 500+ has no limitations as far as document thickness is concerned, it is ideal for scanning passports, ID cards, credit cards, driver licenses, medical insurance cards, bank notes, bank cheques, photographs or any kind of small document.

OpticSlim 500+ bundled with highly productive document and graphic software, could enables efficient document management with the best quality image output. All scanning processes such as saving and exporting scanned files to the designated destination can be performed automatically. This results in maximum work efficiency and huge savings in terms of time and resources.

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