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PlanetPress Suite

PlanetPress Suite automates the creation, enhancement and production of transactional documents using incoming data from a multitude of systems or using existing documents as incoming data. It also automates business processes surrounding document distribution and archiving using sophisticated workflows and can output the resulting files to any third party system.


A PlanetPress Suite workflow can be customized for virtually every need.

  1. First, the data or documents are sent to PlanetPress Suite from any host system or application, like ERPs or financial systems, in any format.
  2. PlanetPress Suite then processes and enhances the documents, following user-defined rules and conditions. You can do anything to the document; split or merge existing files, sort them, enhance the existing layout with barcodes, OMR marks, signature capture zones or targeted messages; all automatically, with no human intervention.
  3. PlanetPress Suite then outputs the documents to any printer, locally or remotely, or creates electronic versions of the documents to distribute them using the recipients’ preferences, whether by fax, email or regular mail. An electronic archive can be created and stored in any document management system, automatically, with an index file for easy retrieval.


Trigger business processes at point of signature with PlanetPress Capture

Forms are printed with a unique Anoto pattern in zones where handwritten marks like signatures need to be captured.

When the form is signed using an Anoto digital pen, the signature is recorded in the pen and transmitted to PlanetPress Suite. An electronic version of the signed document can be sent to a document management system, skipping the scanning operation. Pen data can also be transmitted to the server from anywhere via Bluetooth, using a mobile phone. What’s more, any number of business processes can be triggered by the signature capture, like email notifications of delivery, printing or emailing of invoices etc.


  • Improve existing processes and reduce production delays with no change to existing infrastructure
  • Efficiently slash document-processing costs with the automation of manual processes
  • Implement a single and proven solution for the complete life-cycle of all your documents and forms, from creation and production to distribution, signing and archiving
  • Eliminate paper document scanning and data entry


  • Support for a wide variety of data and document input
    • Data from any host system
    • PDF from any applications
    • Windows documents
  • Advanced PDF handling tools
  • Data sorting, splitting, merging, etc.
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for creating workflows and building documents
  • Built-in connectors to a wide-range of third party applications
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