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Plustek SmartOffice PL7000

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The Plustek PL7000 provides you the fastest and most efficient software for your document management. The PL7000 is a new member of Smart Office series of scanners that offers the high-speed scanning capability and compact design for workgroups and other decentralized scanning applications.

Key features

  • 70 PPM simplex scanner
  • Feeder capacity up to 80 pages
  • Paper tray accommodates wider paper up to 24.5cm
  • Scan to Searchable PDF
  • Proficient mechanical design to gain better image focus and minimize paper jam
  • Powerful ReadIris Corporate Edition OCR software bundled, supports recognition up to 116 languages
  • Batch OCR handling: Result can be saved individually or in one single file
  • Advanced settings for OCR results for Microsoft Office, directly saved in Microsoft Office application format
  • Advantageous scanning tool as DI Capture for importing and organizing document images.

More Information

The PL7000 is a versatile high-speed scanner for personal or business users looking to increase their efficiency while on a limited budget. It has a built-in Auto Document Feeder (ADF) that holds up to 80 pages at a time while providing a maximum scanning speed of 70 pages per minute, optical resolution up to 600 dpi and USB 2.0 compatibility. Fully automated buttons on front panel helps you to scan a stack of pictures, file them, save in your preferred format and at the dpi you want.

An extension to the popular Smart Office line, the PL7000 breaks the speed barrier by delivering up the high speed of self-fed document scanning. Ideal for small office/home office (SOHO) users or the corporate users ( hospitals, law firms, CPA firms, banks and other financial institutions), this new document scanner is designed to provide maximum utility with minimum effort.

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