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Uniflow – one platform for printing, copying and scanning management

What is uniFLOW?

uniFLOW is a software platform designed to bring the full value of multi-functional devices (MFD) to the organisation, making the most of your investment. The modular structure of uniFLOW and the tight integration with Canon hardware allows the system to be built depending on the organisation’s exact requirements.

By controlling both the print and scanning processes of the MFD, uniFLOW allows the IT manager to administer one system with one set of user accounts and one database. The user has a seamless interaction with the MFD; being able to access all features without learning a new interface or having to re-authenticate every time they want to use a new function. This makes the system exceptionally user-friendly and increases the organisation’s productivity.

Scalable to any size uniFLOW fits perfectly with any size organisation. It is available in 10, 50, 150 and unlimited user versions to provide scalability and flexibility regardless of your business type.Its web-based architecture allows the software to be run over multiple buildings, locations or sites with all the data stored in a central SQL Server database.

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