PrintFleet DCA Pulse

Keep a beat on your print environments with PrintFleet’s next generation data collection agent.

DCA Pulse has been fundamentally redesigned for faster, more efficient and more accurate data collection. DCA Pulse works with PrintFleet Optimizer™ and PrintFleet Central™ to simplify and streamline device management.

What is PrintFleet Central?
PrintFleet Central is a centralized system that manages PrintFleet Optimizer and DCA Pulse registrations. It handles various administrative tasks, including license management, anonymous collection of device data, device support and software updates.

PrintFleet Central enables PrintFleet to see which models are in field and which represent the largest percentage of the machines in field. This allows us to better work with manufacturers to provide updates for existing devices and support newly discovered devices.

DCA Pulse includes several new features that provide improved data collection, measurement and analysis, including:

Model Definition Files: Model definition files are created from manufacturer specifications and provide DCA Pulse with the manufacturer and model details necessary to collect meter, supply level and device attribute data. The files enable precise targeting of fixes and ensure that DCA Pulse is always gathering the latest, most accurate device data.
Custom Scan Intervals: Set independent scan intervals for device discovery, meters, supplies, errors and attributes in order to get the information you need when you need it.
Differential Transmission: Only data that has changed or values that have been updated are transmitted to PrintFleet Optimizer, reducing transmission costs and processing time for more efficient device management.
Heartbeat: DCA Pulse provides a ‘heartbeat’ to PrintFleet Central confirming that the DCA is active, reducing the occurrence of stale DCAs.
Cross-Platform Capability: DCA Pulse can be deployed in the traditional Windows environment, but it can also be installed and operate on additional operating systems, including Mac OS X, Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and Debian and low-cost form factor devices such as Raspberry Pi.dca-pulse-brochure

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